Movies on War

15.-19. November 2023

A film festival on War and Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation…

Movies on War is a film festival about War and Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation.

You will find English translations of our program under each film that has English subtitles or English language.

In its thirteenth edition Movies on War strives to bring you the best movies and literary experiences, and thought-provoking discussions on the themes of war and conflict, peace and reconciliation.

Our selection covers a wide spectrum of topics from weaponized conflicts across the world, and offers insights into social movements, uprisings, and resistance, in the past and present. We aim to cater to a broad public and have made sure our program includes something for everyone, from documentaries and thrillers to poetry readings and children’s movies.

Festival profile

Movies on War is a film festival devoted to films about war and conflict, peace and reconciliation. The films we screen in our programs cover the full range of armed conflicts, regardless of geography, and provide insights into social movements, cultural events, popular uprisings, and political change, both in the past and in the present. Since the very beginning, filmmakers have used the language of the cinema for reflection on world wars and conflicts. They have worked for a better understanding of the human, political, military and social driving forces behind these conflicts, and through this contributed to the work for peace.

As a unique cultural initiative nationally as well as internationally, the festival wants to help make the Inland Region in Norway a well-known and attractive destination. The site development in Elverum has a long and dense history of war and conflict, and the cityscape has been greatly influenced by conflicts both in the distant and near past. Local anchoring and local ownership is, therefore, a natural starting point for developing the festival precisely at this location. We have good support from public authorities in the region, and close cooperation with other educational and cultural institutions locally, regionally and nationally.


The initiative to establish Movies on War (MoW) came from the regional film community represented by Østnorsk film center and Film3, which in turn contacted the Elverum region Næringsutvikling AS (ERNU). The proposal was investigated and resulted in the festival being held for the first time in 2011. The festival takes place in mid-November each year. In the first four implementations, MoW was organized as a project under the direction of ERNU. From 2015, the festival has been established as a non-commercial company and from 2019 is owned by Peer Væringsaasens National Fund.

The board – Movies on War AS

Per Egil Andersen
Principal Elverum Folk High School. Chairman.

Mette Kynsveen
Chief of Elverum Kulturhus, Elverum kommune.
Board member.

Jørn Øversveen
Cultural advisor, Hedmark county. Board member.

Eivind Høimyr
Photography teacher, Elverum Folk High School.
Board Member.

Mona Pedersen
Department director, Anno Museum – Kongsvinger region.
Board Member.

Board of Programming – Movies on War 2022

Øystein Egge
Festival Director, Head of Programming
Movies on War.


Torunn Nyen
The Norwegian Short Film Festival,
Curator Movies on War.

Geir Prøven
Head of Foreign Aid and Teacher, Elverum Folk High School.

Birgitte Sigmundstad
Director and visual artist.


Øystein Egge
Tlf. ‭+47 986 01 734‬

Torunn Nyen
Tlf. ‭+47 913 93 259‬

Per Egil Andersen
Principal Elverum Folk High School
Tlf. +47 932 67 505

Jon Andreas Sanne
Tlf. +47 930 72 499

Karoline Hovsengen
Tlf. +47 99 39 68 49

Movies on War
Strandbygdveien 143
2408  Elverum

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